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Affiliate AutoBot 2.0 Review


The Affiliate Bots 2.0 was released on February 19 by ChrisX and is one of the biggest product launches in 2018. So what can you expect from version 2.0? The first signs are that you will have access to 37 automatic bots that can help you earn money through the automation and artificial intelligence of affiliate programs. I am not a fan of software that claims to be able to make money on autopilot. They are known to cry like deception and die slowly and painfully when people register refund requests and payments with their banks. As far as I know, Affiliate Bots 2 is a bit different. But how different? Chris has invested more than $ 17,000 in developing Bot Affiliate software and said he would automate making money online and forever revolutionize affiliate marketing. Chris X is a programmer and very good. With 37 software tools and systems to help build websites, generate traffic, and optimize conversions, experienced Internet marketers will find that theft is unbearable and only $ 27.

Product creators claim to have sold more than 3,500 sales, and continue to do it every day. The new version offers new and improved tools, this time focusing on traffic, websites, and affiliate traffic. Previous offers only cost $ 27. This seems to be an agreement to access 37 bots, divided into the following sections:

So there are many new tools that will be included in version 2.0.

Automatic Partner Ad 2.0 (upgrade from version 1)

Fast video ranking

Affiliate with 1 click

Let the pulse run

CB250 database

King of zoos




Resale of database software

1 Click the Video Page

IM affiliate bot

Partnerbot Hosting

Banner Bot

And more.

Can Affiliate Bots help you make more money?

With 10 tools for increasing conversions, 6 bots for choosing the hottest affiliate programs, and 20 software programs for creating websites, videos and domain names, Affiliate Bots is a useful resource for experienced user traders who have advantages over competitors

Is affiliate autobot 2.0 a scam? No, its legitimate

Affiliate AutoBots is definitely not a hoax and Chris has invested $ 1,000 to make Affiliate Bots 2.0 the best. If you want to bring income online to the next level, you should give Affiliate Autobot 2.0 a go.

Who sould use the product?

The product is going to be a very good choice for those who would like to make money online. Its features are useful for those who are:

  • Product promoter
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Advertisers
  • Online marketer
  • Website owners
  • Local marketers
  • Newbie marketers
  • E-commerce Marketers

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How can you start making money with the Affiliate AutoBot2.0? What are the benefits? 

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ClickBank Review

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What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a digital marketplace for products created and developed by entrepreneurs. It also has a peer-to-peer network that allows vendors and manufacturers to use links to monetize their personal and business pages.

By changing partners to ClickBank, users can find marketers whose proposals interest them and make them popular. And for every sale they make to them, they receive a commission.

With ClickBank, partners can not only make money, but also offer providers the opportunity to expand their reach and utilize markets that are not used. In this way they can learn more about the people who buy their products (such as where they come from) and develop strategies to take advantage of these opportunities.

Benefits of using ClickBank

Wide market

Affiliates have several categories and products to choose from when looking for something to advertise on ClickBank. In this way, they can find out which product or service matches the content of their website to share with them.

Improved search

Because ClickBank has many vendors and products, partners may find it difficult to track them one by one. That is why the platform has a simple and sophisticated search filter that allows users to determine exactly what they are looking for, so they spend more time on sales and profits than finding it.

The search tool also works for providers. You can use it to find subsidiaries that they think are suitable for what they sell, and to get closer to them to build partnerships.

Tools and resources

ClickBank gives manufacturers tools to help them tell their affiliates about their products. This includes images, keywords, reviews and recommendations as well as product manuals or FAQs. By providing such data, they give member organizations enough information to attract and convince them to promote their proposals.

In addition, ClickBank has rich resources for all users. They can use these materials to learn more about the market and to find answers to their questions.

Statistics and reports

For partners who want detailed information about providers, ClickBank Marketplace Statistics is available. With this feature you can get information about sales, commissions, and supplier categories. If the affiliate has advertised the seller's product or service, it will be displayed on their own board.

At the same time, vendors themselves can use this feature to integrate the third party ClickBank reporting tools to see how well their products are on the market. This allows them to understand the behavior of users and determine which products are the least popular.

ClickBank Features

  1. Search the market
  2. Market statistics
  3. Market category
  4. Calculator income
  5. Search Engine Affiliates
  6. Sales tool
  7. Product management
  8. Manage your account
  9. API's
  10. Reports

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You must focus and commit to succeeding as a ClickBank partner. In the beginning, the process can be slow and frustrating, and you will face a lot of competition with most of the products you want to promote. It is important not to touch the speed mentality, because even the funds received have a delay of 60 days. If you are looking for ways to make money, it might not be important to tell you something.


ClickBank is one of the most unique and diverse affiliate programs in the world. Being just a digital product, you get every supplier from all walks of life, with products that fit almost all niches or even create new niches. This means that, regardless of the nature of your blog or website, you might be able to find a product that suits your audience.

Is it a scam?

ClickBank itself is definitely not a scam, but there are some ClickBank products that people call fraud. They are very weak about what companies can sell their digital products with their services, and some people come up with the idea that ClickBank is a scam. However, they offer very strong protection against fraudulent companies in the form of unquestioned money back guarantee. Personally, I buy ClickBank products and have found great products to promote which fit in with my niche. I have never had a problem getting my money back quickly and easily. This will allow me to satisfy my curiosity and buy products with the greatest agility and empty promises and see them as they are.

ShareASale Review

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What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale has more than 15 years of experience and has more than 3,900 dealers in various categories. They have a mix of known traders and small traders who are provide quality products and their list continues to grow over time. In addition, ShareASale provides users with some very unique features and some solid reporting capabilities that can help increase your partner's marketing activities. This is also a simple and easy to use platform so that almost everyone can take advantage of everything they offer. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or a marketing veteran, you can benefit with ShareASale.

ShareASale Ease of Use

ShareASale is very user friendly, especially if you are a multi-site type. This is because you don't need to promote a dealer for your own website. You can easily register all your websites in a text box, identify the most important ones and give each description, and you are off! Another area where ShareASale is superior for a smooth and comfortable user experience is its search capability. Finding the right affiliate program for you is very easy because you can search merchants by category, keywords, trade status and even when a merchant joins the ShareASale network. In addition, the PowerRank feature allows you to search for the top 100 retailers based on various factors. You can also sort the dealer after 7 or 30 days EPC and even in alphabetical order.


ShareASale partners will never feel the loss of high-quality promotional products thanks to more than 3,900 affiliate programs that cover 40 different categories. Whatever category your website or blog has in this Affiliate Marketing Network. Here you will find promotional items in the fields of clothing, automobiles, art, music, photography, books and media, clothing, computers, food and beverages, games and toys, general web services, gifts, health, real estate, sports and fitness, and much more.

In addition, this affiliate marketing network offers some great tools that will definitely help you with your campaign. On the one hand, they provide real time tracking, so you know when banners are clicked, sales are made, and commissions are generated. Your reporting tool also gives you many options. You can view reports for transaction details, CSV downloads, current statistics,

Next, ShareASale takes the inner link a little further and lets you customize your affiliate link. With this feature, you can change links in anything to a short URL to make your visitors more attractive. You can even activate Socialbar, which makes it very easy for anyone who checks your connection to share it with friends via social media or email.

For advanced users, you can use the affiliate API, which downloads various reports, searches for new merchants, searches for product links, and more.

ShareAsale Support

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing or ShareASale, we offer a variety of tools and resources so you don't need to blindly enter this channel.

Customer Support - How can you answer your questions and problems better than contacting one of our employees? Our support department is available every Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 and provides technical support for your account during and after setup (such as data transmission, pixel tracking, API) and so on.

ShareASale Conclusion

Even though ShareASale isn't the best network marketing affiliate, it's definitely worth joining. With more than 15 years of industry experience, this business can help monetize your website with an easy-to-use approach, useful tools, real-time reporting capabilities, and useful partner services. Look at ShareASale now.

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RenderForest Review

What is RenderForest?

With Renderforest you can make different videos in minutes. View the great catalog of video templates, choose preferences from many categories, and start editing online. The entire editing process is done online with our cloud tools and storage. You can upload pictures and videos and play with color and text palettes. A large gallery of templates and stories for video and animation production is ready for you to produce you own video.

The process is simple and does not feel intense even for beginners. Renderforest Video Maker has a rich Video Template Gallery from which you can choose your chosen template and work from there. Because of the cloud-based platform, the entire editing process is done online. The software has all the tools you need, and you can even upload pictures and videos and experiment with colors and palettes to find the type and purpose you are aiming for. When finished, you can save the video to Renderforest cloud storage.

What RenderForest video maker is used for?

Renderforest Video Maker offers pre-made templates that allow companies to create promo videos in minutes, while maintaining high quality and professionalism. This affects the perception of how people see their business.

Features: Professional promotional video templates

Students often need to give presentations, and if time is lacking, Renderforest Video Maker is the best solution for them. All you have to do is choose the right template for your presentation and enter the information, upload photos or videos, transfer sound, and get high-quality presentations in minutes.

Theme: Learning template for presentations.

Rendeforest is the best choice to get professional intro videos that are as professional as the ones you ordered at lower prices.

Function: Advertising intro framework at reasonable prices

RenderForest Features:


  • Content Library
  • Search
  • Templates
  • Zoom/Pan
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Collaboration

Have a look at some of the customer reviews here

What are the benefits of using Renderforest:

RenderForest's most clear and unique perspective is a purely dynamic and flexible media orientation. That's why there are many variations of designs available. This is what makes RenderForest special.

RenderForest is a video editing platform that allows users to create attractive animations and images for video content and presentations. It focuses on adjusting drag-and-drop and offers thousands of templates to choose from. Whatever style or tone you need, there is something for you. This platform is also enhanced with a pretty good selection of music under animation. This aspect of the template is very good and saves a lot of time to focus on other creative steps. The best part of RenderForest is support and blog where you can go and engage with people and share ideas. For beginners, videos and animations are frustrating, but this site contains a lot of information to get started and work. Project lessons and ideas are published regularly, so there is always something new to learn. In general, RenderForest is a good first step for users who want to make creative videos or add the pizza they already use.

The best features and the best benefits from Renderforest, no installation required. It is not tied to the operating system or device. If you have an Internet connection, Renderforest is available on every device and operating system. This is Renderforest's main benefit when making presentations and promo clips. Another useful feature of Renderforest is a special template that you don't have in your ideas. He has many presentation templates for each type of company to make great presentations and reach a large audience.

If you want to try Renderforest for free click the image above

If you want to try Renderforest for free click the image above

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